Tuesday, 12 February 2013

news just in - released

an email just circulated with news of Mitra's release from the hospital.

Feb. 13 th 2013, 07 : 50 Paris Time

Jacques-Alain Miller

At 7.46 a.m. I received a mail from S*, otherwise Professior Siamak Movahedi, Professor and Chair.

The mail said : « This just came from a couple of psychiatrists: You can now
relax. “Dear Dr Movahedi, I talked with dr Ghadiri a couple of minutes ago. He is
discharging her from Hospital now. Sincerely yours,” »

I replied : « Please thank Dr Ghadiri for this wise decision. Would you give me
your phone number ? I would like to congratulate you on this very emotional
moment. Long live our friendship ! »

I consider this information to be correct. In all likelihood, Mitra is free. I am confidently waiting for a call or a mail from her or from one of her students.

Stay tuned !

Jacques-Alain Miller

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